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Bring Purpose To Life

Committed to ongoing innovation, we strive to elevate workplace experiences, empowering workplace with cutting-edge workplace solutions

Who are we

Exsto Asia Pte Ltd has grown over the past decade to become one of the Singapore’s leading ergonomic solutions provider. We specialize in both contemporary and ergonomic furniture for clients who are seeking a functional design and a comfortable workplace environment. Empowering workplaces with innovative solutions. 

By building strong relationship with our partners and maintaining a strong commitment to innovation through R&D, we have the capacity to customize our solutions to meet changing market dynamics and create spaces that inspire people to ‘bring purpose to life.’

empowering workplace with innovative workspace solutions


We envision that we will emerge as a market leader in the field of ergonomic office solutions for corporate and home clients, by creating ideal working environments for our customers, we will help them advance their professional and personal goals; and that we will be recognized among our peers as a benchmark of excellence.

empowering workplace


Our mission is to transform office spaces into ideal workplace environments that inspire ideation, foster communication and support collaboration. By providing high-quality ergonomic office solutions that have been perfected by our commitment to R&D and innovation, we are able to achieve unparalleled functional excellence that consistently meets the unique needs of our clients.


Ethical Behavior

Each member of our team is committed to establishing long term relationships that are built on trust, dependability, transparency and respect.

X Factor

‘X factor’ is interpreted as to deliver solutions that go beyond what is expected so that our clients will experience the highest value possible.


We assess our own performance on a regular basis and make adjustments so that we are continually working toward a maximum level of excellence at all times.


The solutions we provide are timeless in value. While we are versatile in terms of customization, the principles by which we work remain unchanged over the years.

Outstanding Service

We create a synergy between ourselves and our clients so that we know exactly what is expected. This close partnership with our clients allows us to consistently provide outstanding service!

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